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We recognize the crucial role that parents and caregivers play in the success of their child. Parent Guidance & Consultation provides in-home or virtual support to families, and can help them navigate the sometimes-complicated array of medical, educational, or behavioral recommendations they may have received. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will help you understand why certain behaviors may be occurring and recommend strategies to promote positive behavior change over time. These services can promote collaboration and communication between families and professionals to help support your child at home and in other environments. 


Throughout this process, the BCBA will first complete an Assessment & Treatment Plan that uses methods like interviews and observations to help identify your child and family's strengths and possible areas of improvement. Together, you and the BCBA will then identify goals and objectives to focus on during ongoing sessions.


Once ongoing sessions begin, the BCBA can help answer questions, discuss your concerns, and/or recommend behavioral strategies that are backed by the science of ABA, yet tailored to fit your child and family's unique needs. Whether your child has a formal diagnosis, such as autism or ADHD, or no diagnosis at all, we are here to help. Sessions are typically held on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and are 30-60 minutes (on average). Our goal is to help educate, support, and empower families by providing manageable and sustainable strategies that can be consistently used long-after services have ended.

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