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Parent Training & Consultation

We recognize the crucial role that parents, caregivers, and professionals play in the success of a child. Through our Ongoing Support model, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will provide in-person or virtual support to families and professionals to guide them while navigating the sometimes-complicated behavioral, medical, or educational needs of a child. Our BCBAs can help parents and professionals understand why certain behaviors may be occurring and recommend strategies to promote positive behavior change over time. These services promote collaboration and communication between families and professionals to help support the child at home and in other educational settings, such as school or daycare. 

Our Ongoing Support model offers Parent Training & Consultation services to families interested in participating in-person or telehealth (virtual) sessions. 

To begin, the BCBA can first complete an optional initial Assessment that uses methods like interviews and observations to help identify your child and family's strengths and possible areas of improvement. Together, you and the BCBA will identify goals to focus on during ongoing sessions. From there, the BCBA can help answer questions, discuss your concerns, and/or recommend behavioral strategies that are backed by the science of ABA, yet tailored to fit your child and family's unique needs.

Because we understand that, sometimes, professional recommendations can be "easier said than done", our Parent Training & Consultation services aim to provide hands-on support from our BCBAs. Through the use of Behavior Skills Training and other ABA techniques, our BCBAs will not only make recommendations to help your child and family but will also work one-on-one with you to show you how to put these recommendations into practice in everyday life situations. The BCBA will review these strategies in detail and give you opportunities to practice together with side-by-side coaching. Additionally, they will model or demonstrate the strategies for you and provide constructive feedback as you go so that both you and your child learn and succeed together. Data are collected to track progress over time to ensure that goals are being achieved and/or appropriate adjustments are being made to promote the long-term success of your child and family.

Whether your child has a formal diagnosis, such as autism or ADHD, or no diagnosis at all, we are here to help! Sessions are typically held in the home or virtually using a set weekly or bi-weekly schedule and are 60-120 minutes (on average). Our goal is to educate, empower, and support parents using a hands-on approach that is backed by science and delivered with heart. We hope that parents can increase their knowledge of ABA concepts, learn to implement manageable and effective behavioral interventions, and feel confident in independently using these strategies to promote success long after services have ended.

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Professional Collaboration & Consultation

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To help promote consistency and success across settings, our Ongoing Support model also offers Professional Collaboration & Consultation services to educational staff members or professionals. These services typically take place in the child's school, daycare, camp, or other day-program setting. Telehealth (virtual) services are also available upon request. Parents or caregivers are invited and encouraged to participate in sessions with professionals so that all parties can collaborate and stay on “the same page”.


Through these services, our BCBAs can observe the student in the school or another educational program setting to analyze what environmental variables may be contributing to behavioral concerns. Just like in our Parent Training & Consultation sessions, professionals can ask questions or discuss their concerns in detail. Recommendations that are fully individualized for the child will be provided and our BCBAs will offer staff training so that professionals can confidently implement these recommendations in the educational setting. Staff members can practice various behavioral strategies and interventions with side-by-side feedback & coaching with our BCBAs there to guide them every step of the way. Professional Education is also offered in which the professionals can learn about various ABA concepts and interventions in general and/or as they apply to their student and setting specifically. As an added component, our BCBAs can join professionals in reviewing and providing insight regarding your child’s school placement/program, IEP, or other evaluations or assessments that have been conducted.


Whether your child has a formal diagnosis, such as autism or ADHD, or no diagnosis at all, we are here to help! Sessions are typically held in-person or virtually using a set weekly or bi-weekly schedule and are 60-120 minutes (on average). At BSL Parent Training & ABA Services, we encourage and value teamwork and collaboration. These services allow us to provide Coordination of Care with any professional in your child’s life, including teachers, school staff, Child Study Team members, therapists, and more.

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