Parent Training & Consultation Services can:

Help parents and caregivers improve their  knowledge in the fields of ABA and Education.

This may help them feel empowered and have more confidence when it comes time to put this knowledge into practice.

Show parents and caregivers how to teach their child important skills, such as communication, language, social, or self-help skills.

Teach parents and caregivers how to manage and decrease challenging behaviors using effective behavior strategies and interventions.

Foster independence, which can help improve quality of life for both the child and the family.

Parent Training has also been shown to reduce parent stress, improve family interactions, and improve outcomes of therapy. 

Promote consistency, which can be key to successful interventions and long-lasting changes in behavior.

Encourage communication and collaboration between families and the professionals (e.g., home, school, medical) that work with their child.

This helps everyone remain on the same page and work together to achieve common goals.