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This is one of our most popular services and it has made a big difference for many of our families. Our complimentary consultation calls are a great way to learn more about the variety of services we offer to both families of individuals with and without formal diagnoses. It is also a great way to help us get to know more about your child's and family's needs. This one's on us!


Affordable guidance and support for families without a long-term commitment.

Single Consultation Sessions are perfect for families who would like to discuss their concerns and get recommendations, but may not be ready for ongoing services. With no long-term commitments or initial Assessment required, you can get started right away.


Choose from a variety of Evaluation and Assessments supported by empirical research.

Our comprehensive Evaluations & Assessments can be used to identify potential causes of challenging behavior in the home setting or to help you learn more about your child’s abilities and performance across a variety of skill areas. Our team can help you select from several assessment options to determine which is right for your child. 


Have questions or concerns about your child's behavior?

Parent and Caregiver Guidance & Consultation provides in-home or virtual support to families of individuals both with and without a formal diagnosis. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will help you understand why certain behaviors may be occurring. Through observations and discussions, the BCBA can help identify your child's skills and deficits, answer questions, and recommend strategies that are backed by the science of ABA, yet tailored to fit your child and family's unique needs.


Need some help putting recommendations into practice?

Parent Training provides hands-on support from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) on an ongoing basis either virtually or in your home. Whether your child has a formal diagnosis, such as autism or ADHD, or no diagnosis at all, we are here to help. Through the use of Behavior Skills Training and other ABA techniques, our BCBAs will not only make recommendations to help your child and family, but work one-on-one with you to show you how to put these recommendations into practice in everyday life situations. This involves reviewing and discussing strategies and practicing together with side-by-side coaching throughout each session. BCBAs also model the strategies and provide feedback as you go so that both you and your child learn and succeed together.


Interested in home-based Direct ABA Therapy for your child?

Coming Soon!
Direct ABA Therapy utilizes a 1:1 student to therapist ratio to work on increasing positive, appropriate behaviors and decreasing negative or maladaptive behaviors in the home environment. While a behavior therapist/technician provides the direct ABA therapy, the BCBA supervises and coordinates sessions, provides specific training and feedback to the therapist/technician, analyzes progress, and makes recommendations to promote your child's success. Parents or caregivers are invited to observe and participate in sessions whenever possible to promote consistency and the generalization and maintenance of skills.

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