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Our Single Consultation Sessions are perfect for families or professionals who are interested in discussing their behavioral concerns and receiving recommendations, but may not be ready or able to commit to ongoing sessions. These sessions give parents and professionals an opportunity to have an uninterrupted conversation with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). During this time, they can ask questions, discuss their concerns, and receive recommendations for practical strategies to address their child's or student's behavioral needs. Parent/Professional Education is also embedded into these sessions so that parents and professionals can learn about various ABA concepts and interventions in general and/or as they specifically apply to their child or student.


Whether your child or student has a formal diagnosis, such as autism or ADHD, or no diagnosis at all, we are here to help! Sessions can be up to 45 minutes and can take place via video call. 


While recurring sessions are never mandatory, we encourage and invite you to schedule additional Single Consultation Sessions to follow up and see how everything went. Touching base for another session allows us to discuss what worked & what didn’t so we can adjust our recommendations over time.

It is always our goal for you to take away meaningful recommendations from each session.


With no long-term commitments or initial assessments required, families can get started right away. 

Schedule as many sessions as you like, as frequently as you like!

As-needed support for parents or professionals

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